Rescue Pit Bull Becomes BFFs With Adopted Donkey

When Jennifer adopted a donkey who was described as being “wary of people and dogs,” she wasn’t sure how he’d do at her home.

She wanted to give him a chance anyway, but she thought it’d be challenging since the donkey would have to be around both people and her dog, Oakley.

She never would’ve guessed that in just a few months’ time, the donkey, who they named Wendell, would become best friends with Oakley the dog.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Speaking with The Dodo, Jennifer explained that her pit bull, Oakley, was rescued in pretty bad shape.

He was malnourished and abandoned. Wendell, on the other hand, came to her in good health, but she was hesitant to let the two near one another.

However, it wasn’t long before Oakley took it upon himself to meet the newest member of the family. Every time he saw Wendell, he began running up to him and licking his face and ears.

For some reason, Wendell allowed it and it began the start of a beautiful friendship.

Jennifer said that the two are nearly inseparable now.

They play tag and snuggle. It’s too sweet!

Watch the video below:

You can follow Oakley and Wendell on Instagram, @wendell_and_oakley.

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