So You’ve Adopted A Cat, But Is Your Home Prepared For Your Furry New Friend?

Welcoming a new cat is always an occasion to celebrate. It’s also an occasion to plan for thoroughly.

Animals are a big responsibility, and their owners need to be prepared for a variety of needs. There’s more to keeping a kitty comfortable than just salmon and snuggles.

Compassionate pet parents want the best for their animals, and, while that would ordinarily involve research and countless trips to the pet store, we’ve condensed the essentials into a handy list. If you’re planning on bringing home a new cat, or have recently, check off the following items to make sure you have everything you need to properly care for your new furry friend.

Source: Pexels
Source: Pexels

8. Cat bed

A cat is going to need somewhere to sleep. A comfortable cat bed is just what the veterinarian ordered. The Animal Rescue Site offers a number of quality pet products, but this cat cave has been known for being particularly plushy and perfect for a drowsy cat.

A kitty that’s comfortable with its surroundings may eventually claim territories like your purse or the space behind a bookcase or a nest of dirty laundry. Until then, it’s best to be prepared with the right bed.

Source: The Animal Rescue Site
Source: The Animal Rescue Site

7. Harness

Cats are always safer indoors, but when you decide to take your furry friend out for a stroll, a harness comes in very handy.

Something that’s machine-washable, and adjustable to grow with your cat, will get the most milage. The Pitter Patter Kitty Harness is great to help any new cat stay safe and secure outdoors.

Source: The Animal Rescue Site
Source: The Animal Rescue Site

6. Nail clippers

Cats have claws, and you’ll soon notice them once you have a feline frolicking around your home.

The practice of declawing is unnecessarily cruel and painful and, according to the ASPCA, doesn’t effectively improve behavioral issues. A quick trim every month or so, on the other hand, doesn’t hurt your furry friend and will save your skin from some serious scratches.

The Ergonomic Professional Pet Nail Clippers from the Animal Rescue Site will help you and your kitty develop a closer bond, free from lacerations.

Source: The Animal Rescue Site
Source: The Animal Rescue Site

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