This Rescue Dog Was Scared Of Everything Until She Met That Someone Special

Weezy was so shy around everyone until a special someone showed her that people aren’t so bad…

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The rescued Italian Greyhound was adopted then returned to the shelter because she was so scared around others. But her new humans were determined to take her home and give her the best life possible!

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Weezy needed a gentle place where she felt safe and loved. Her anxiety and fearfulness were pretty debilitating. She was so timid that it took her three years to finally bark! And that was fine by her humans. They were in no rush. They just wanted Weezy to be happy.

Then, they had a baby and Weezy’s world changed again. Definitely for the better!

Now she is getting the hang of being the well-adjusted, playful dog that she deserves to be. And that tongue, well, it can’t help but hang out. She lost most of her teeth… but it’s part of her charm! What an adorable goofball!

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Courageous Weezy and her baby brother are taking on the world together, one glorious day at a time!

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