Rescued Piglet That Fell Off A Farming Truck Was More Than Just Saved…

Imagine how scared this tiny piglet must have been after falling off of a farming truck! OH MY! Thankfully, WeeWee was rescued by the Smith family and now lives happily at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Maryland.

WeeWee has LOADS of friends who share the same thing he does: LOADS OF LOVE

They don’t just exist. They’re given lots of attention and lots of affection. WeeWee also has a best friend named Scooter that he loves to snuggle with.

Rumor has it, WeeWee has a soft spot for belly rubs. 😀

Here are some amazing facts about pigs:

1. Newborn piglets learn their “names” and will run to their mothers when called
2. Pigs, like humans, are omnivores
3. Mama pigs, called sows, sometimes “sing” to their newborns while nursing
4. Pigs love mud mostly because it keeps them cool. Pigs hardly sweat at all even though the expression “sweat like a pig” still seems quite popular
5. Pigs are highly intelligent and have a language a lot like ours.

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