We Did It!: Generous Donations Fund Shelter Intervention in Thailand

IMG_0248Life is about to get a whole lot better for thousands of Thailand’s strays living in “the worst shelter in the world”. Thanks to generous and quick actions by TheAnimalRescueSite.com audience, GreaterGood.org, and private donors Janis Rosenthal and Jeff Rinkoff, renovations are currently underway to turn this deplorable shelter into a sanctuary.

Dire Conditions

Over the last ten years, Suan Kaew temple, commonly known as “Dog Condo,” has become the severely overcrowded and hazardous home of more than 2,000 dogs and cats in Bangkok. Horrific images of the unsanitary barracks have shown up in media reports around the world. Conditions were so dire that Soi Dog Foundation, a Thailand-based dog rescue group, decided to make it their top priority in 2014.

See “Dog Condo” for yourself in the video from the Soi Dog Foundation here. Be aware that some of the imagery is alarming and may not be suitable for sensitive viewers.

Lofty Goals

Soi Dog Foundation set their sights high, knowing that sustainable, effective improvements would require at least $60,000. Luckily, TheAnimalRescueSite.com and GreaterGood.org stepped in to offer support by raising funds through one of their signature Gifts That Give More ™ initiatives.

But it wasn’t until they got a call from animal rescue activists Janis Rosenthal and Jeff Rinkoff that Soi Dog’s funding goal seemed within reach.

“It was important for me to get involved because I really believe in the old saying, ‘All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for enough good people to do nothing,'” Janis says. “I think that every person can make a difference.”

Janis and Jeff were so moved by the project that they offered to personally match $30,000 of donations received.

Speedy Success

2014-06-04_Happy_DogsOn June 3, 2014, just 42 days after the program’s launch, donations hit the $30,000 mark, making the match challenge successful and fulfilling Soi Dog’s entire $60,000 fundraising goal.

This is an amazing achievement within a very short time frame. GreaterGood.org graciously thanks the TheAnimalRescueSite.com audience and their good friends Janis and Jeff for their incredible dedication to animals all over the world. None of this would be possible without their thoughtful contributions.

Incredible renovations are already taking place at “Dog Condo”! Check out this slideshow to see how donations from animal lovers like you are already saving lives!

While these dogs are on their way to a better life, thousands more are still struggling to survive across Thailand. You can help! Learn how you can support Soi Dog Foundation’s amazing work here and here.

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