Cutest Dog Loves the Beach But Is Scared of Getting Wet!

“The Goodest Golden Good Boy!”

That’s how his fur mom describes Hudson, and we cannot agree more! Hudson’s official Instagram followers now number more than 150k. And it keeps increasing every day.

Hudson is a source of great inspiration and laughter for his mom and many other people. In the video below, the dog’s fear of getting his paws wet by the seawater is a delight to watch for thousands who have viewed him. It looks like the Goodest Golden Good Boy is wondering why the waves are rolling when they have no wheels!

Yet, like his mom, Hudson does love the beach, and he is even happy to join the humans in their ocean clean-up drives. Many animals also live in the marine world, and he must help to keep them as healthy as he is.

One day, Hudson chanced upon a balloon that someone must have left behind. The Goodest Golden Good Boy wanted to pick it up and place it where trash properly belongs. But the waves were coming for his paws again! Yikes! But Hudson did succeed in picking it up after a little while.

And hey, Hudson did overcome his fear of the seawater too! Now, he is enjoying more freedom because he is no longer anxious over wet paws. Now, he is discovering more friends — except those small crabs are hardly playful. They keep hiding under the sand, and Hudson finds it hard to seek them out. Maybe you should try another game, Hudson! Like Beach Treasure Hunt or Picasso in the Sand!

Watch the video below and get to know more about Hudson and his crusade against cancer with his human mom on Instagram!

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