Dying Senior Dog Was Spending His Final Days In A Shelter, Until A Kind Woman Came To His Rescue

A senior Rottweiler-mastiff named Warren Barkett had spent more than a year at a shelter in Virginia Beach.

A few months ago, Virginia Beach Animal Care found out that Warren Barkett, who they believe to be around ten years old, was in renal failure. They are unsure of how long he has left to live, but what they did know is that spending the rest of his days in a shelter was anything but ideal.

Thankfully, a woman named Leslie Garrett of Norfolk learned of his heart-breaking story online and knew she had to help. Garrett’s last dog had cancer and had to be put down last June. She knew Warren would be a perfect fit, and the shelter agreed!

Garrett got Warren out of the shelter and into her loving home. He could have a couple of weeks or a couple of years, but regardless of time, at least now he will spend his final days in a real home, being loved unconditionally.

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