A Common Dog Treat Is Making Dogs Ill, And Even Leading To Death For Some Dogs!

The uproar over Dynamic Pet Products’ Real Ham Bone began earlier in the year when pet parents began to publicly broadcast the terrible effects the chew toy was having on their pets. The number of dogs that have become sick and/or died from the bone continues to rise, with hundreds of product reviews and blogs covering the widespread disaster. And now, the Better Business Bureau is investigating the company, based in St. Louis, Missouri, to determine what, if anything, should happen with the customer complaints.

The danger in the ham bone comes from its penchant for splintering and breaking off.  The fragments end up being swallowed, which can lead to dogs becoming gravely ill. Bone fragments can perforate the lining of the stomach or intestines, causing hemorrhaging, blockage, and even permanent logging of the bone in the intestines. If the dog is able to pass the bone, it can be horrifically painful to them, and will lead to rectal bleeding and bloody diarrhea or stool.

Dynamic has had customer complaints about the Real Home Bone since 2006, which led to the Better Business Bureau issuing a public alert in 2010. There was a marked decrease in complaints after the warning, but recently the deaths and illnesses associated with the product have greatly increased, spreading over social media like wildfire. Complaints have  come from bones bought at Walmart and Jewel-Osco stores. However, a Jewel-Osco spokesperson had said that the company’s meat manager issued a “dump and destroy” order in March in response to the deluge of complaints.

We will continue to update this story as new developments come up. Until then, remember to avoid any type of cooked bone for your loved one, and if they exhibit any of the symptoms outlined here, get them to your veterinarian immediately!

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