Double Barked: Dogs Drive Car into Walmart while Owner Shops

Whether it was cramped quarters or a sale on kibble that motivated two terriers to run a vehicle into the side of a West Virginia Walmart may never be known.

A woman left the dogs in her running car as she went in to shop but her patient pups soon lost interest in sitting still. One of them managed to put the car into gear. The cruising canines rolled towards the front of the Walmart at idling speed but attracted plenty of eyes on the way. After coming to a stop against the building, one of the dogs rolled down the passenger side window.

A witness standing in front of the Walmart saw the car on its approach and thought it was someone playing a trick on her. As the car inched forward, she simply stepped aside. Then she saw the doggy drivers.

No one was injured, and the car and building were only slightly damaged, but the woman said she’s put the barking brakes on her little troublemakers.

The owner of the car, an elderly lady according to the witness, was paged over the loudspeaker and returned to see the aftermath. She had left the car running so the dogs wouldn’t overheat while she was inside the Walmart, but never expected them to try and follow her in.

While this pair of motoring mutts will live another day, the same isn’t always the case for many dogs left in cars. Animals across the country will breathe a little easier this summer now that more states are allowing people to break them out of hot, locked cars. Twenty-one states have passed “hot car” legislation as of 2016. Follow this link to read more about what you can and can’t do to rescue animals in peril.

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