This Cute Kitty’s Enthusiastic Wake-Up Call Would Make Anyone A Morning Person

Cats don’t adhere to human constructs like “time” or “personal space.” When a cat needs something, they are going to make sure you know it, no matter how annoying.

Stepping into the shower? They scratch at the door for food.

Fast asleep at 3 a.m. the night before a big presentation at work? Turns out your face is the only sleeping surface available in the house.

This is part of the charm of cats, and why cat parents enjoy them so much. However annoying it gets, there is always that edge of cute that wins us over no matter what.


This is a perfect example of how adorable a cats most annoying actions can be. Most cats can’t get to this level of restraint while still demanding something from their human. Time to wake up dad, it’s time to cuddle your cat!

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