Rescuers Saved This Puppy & Dog From The Brink Of Death. With Your Help, We Can Change Their Lives

Long before Covid-19, there was another dangerous virus wreaking havoc in shelters across the U.S. But although we now have a vaccine for “Parvo,” this potentially fatal (and extremely contagious) illness still presents a deadly threat for puppies, especially those too young to get vaccines.

That’s sadly what happened to Tumble, a Labrador puppy from Austin, Texas, who contracted parvovirus after being born outside with dogs whose owners who didn’t vaccinate their animals. “Not spaying, neutering, or vaccinating your dog or cat can have serious consequences,” one of Tumble’s rescuers, Amy T., told Waggle. “Now this puppy is suffering because of it. We see this happen all the time, and it’s gut-wrenching.”

Photo: Waggle

Now Tumble is fighting for her life at the animal hospital, where Lucky Lab Rescue & Adoption — the local rescue that saved Tumble’s litter — reports that the puppy is violently ill. “She is the sweetest girl,” said Amy, who is heartbroken Tumble contracted the virus before she was old enough to get a vaccine. Rescuers also desperately hope Tumble’s litter mates haven’t been infected.

“Every dog we save is special,” said Amy, whose rescue purposefully seeks out sick and injured animals who would otherwise be euthanized. “We go out of our way to help treat dogs for medical conditions they have. We are praying for Puppy Tumble.”

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But in addition to prayers, Tumble also needs urgent medical treatment. And because time is of the essence when treating Parvo, Lucky Lab Rescue reached out to Waggle and the Animal Rescue Site to help save the sick puppy’s life.

Please donate to Tumble’s medical fund on Waggle if you would like to help us provide this puppy with the treatment she needs to overcome Parvo and grow into a happy, healthy dog.

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The Animal Rescue Site has also partnered with Waggle to provide Murph, a Brittany Spaniel mix rescued from a high-kill Texas shelter with a badly mangled leg. The flea-bitten mutt was saved by Pooch Savers, a local non-profit that rescued Murph to save the dog from euthanasia. “The wound was so infected and so bad it exposed the bone,” a rescue volunteer, Scott B., told Waggle. “We were petrified.”

But the full scope of Murph’s injuries wouldn’t become evident until the dog arrived at the animal hospital, where even doctors were shocked by Murph’s poor condition. But despite the dog’s sorry state, it became clear this shelter dog was also a fighter.

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“Little Murph stayed strong enough to get out of the shelter and into our rescue, all the while being in excruciating pain,” another rescue volunteer, Lisa, told Waggle, describing Murph as a “happy, adaptable, and a very sweet boy” who — despite his obvious discomfort — always had a happy tail wag for rescuers. “As soon as you approach him, he rolls over, so you can rub his belly,” she said. “He wags his tail every time we walk in the room.”

Fortunately, Murph will be able to live a healthy, pain-free life after a blood transfusion and amputation surgery, but Pooch Savers — a non-profit rescue run entirely by volunteers — simply can’t afford these expensive treatments.

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“This was a sudden and unexpected major expense and has precluded us from rescuing other dogs with medical needs,” said Lisa, whose rescue is hoping generous Animal Rescue Site readers will help cover Murph’s mounting medical expenses.

Please donate to Tumble and Murph’s medical funds on Waggle if you would like to help us support these precious animals. Saving rescued pets is critical to our mission, but we can’t do it without your generous contributions. Thank you for helping us give Tumble and Murph a second chance at life!

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