World Animal Awareness Society’s Heroic Rescuers Work Tirelessly To Save As Many Lives As Possible

I truly believe that there are angels that live in human form… and I must be right because these rescue workers really are angels! WA2S Films takes a look at what happens daily on the streets where homeless dogs fight to survive. Volunteers from local rescue organizations illegally feed street dogs (yes, it’s against the law to do so) knowing they might face fines, or worse. But how can angels stop doing what they were sent here to do? WA2S is there to capture the rescuers’ struggles and accomplishments and share this footage with the world.

In this episode, two dogs are rescued. They are absolutely precious! They are also very lucky because they will have a chance now at a normal doggy life. No one deserves the kind of treatment they’ve endured and you can see how grateful they are. One is so scared, not knowing what’s in store, while the other is so excited to have some human interaction. Amazing, considering the pain other humans have caused. Dogs are not only sweet, they are forgiving.

As rescue workers leave with dogs in tow, they can’t help but stop again and again to feed homeless dogs they pass by. Like I said, these volunteers are angels! And their mission is a never-ending uphill battle.

Thanks to WA2S Films, we get an idea of what rescue organizations face on a daily basis. The hurdles, the tears and the fight they are constantly struggling to win.

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