Badly Burned Cat Adopted By Faithful Rescuer

Miraculously, a cat named Vulcan suffered through California’s Carr Fire in the summer of 2018. At least 6 people died in the fire, and many more in the 16 others that have turned the West Coast to a desolate ashen wasteland.

But not this kitty.

Badly burned and in need of immediate medical care, he was found in an abandoned vehicle by Animal Regulation Officer Dan Evans.

“It was a miracle that he was alive,” Evans told The Dodo.

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Cali may be getting another kitty! Daddy rescued this little one in the ruins of the #CarrFire on Sunday. After several hours of dispatches to check on pets in this area, he was finding nothing but terrible outcomes. Everything was burned, everything was dead. Feeling very disheartened, he was driving out of the area when he spotted her sitting on the burned out truck (in the background). He couldn’t believe it and still has no idea how she survived the flames… EVERYTHING was burned. She is getting medical attention for her burns now and #HavenHumane is working to find her owners. #reddingstrong #animalrescue #strongerthancarr #shastacounty #shastastrong #reddingca #cityofredding #redding #thankyoufirstresponders . . . #dogsofinsta #dogs_of_instagram #foxredlabrador #frllove #doggo #petstagram #doglife #ilovemydog #kitty #rescue #rescuekitty #kitten #cat #kittycat

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Evans reached his hand in to retrieve the cat. Though he was hesitant at first, sensing a strange human hand, he eventually conceded and began nuzzling the officer’s palm.

“He chose to come to me,” Evans said. “And in that moment, I knew if this cat survives, I’m gonna make him part of my family.”

Source: Facebook/The Dodo
Animal Regulation Officer Dan Evans found a cat that had survived the Carr fire.

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The kitten was rushed to the Haven Humane Society for treatment of third-degree burns on his paws and fur, the Western Journal reports. Worse yet, veterinarians were unsure if the animal would even survive.

Over the next 48 hours, they tried their best, and so did the kitten. He wasn’t about to give up so easily.

Neither was Evans.

The officer stood by his furry friend through the whole ordeal. And when the fireproof feline had regained enough strength to leave the hospital, Evans kept his promise.

Source: Facebook/The Dodo
Evans was determined to save this cat.

“I’m adopting this one if no one claims it,” he first texted his wife from the scene of the rescue. “I’ll explain why later, but I need to adopt this cat.”

And days later, at the Haven Humane Society, that’s exactly what he did.

Vulcan came home to live with Evans and his wife, as well as their three-legged rescue dog, Cali.

Vulcan and Cali are inseparable. Perhaps owing to the fact that they both have been through some pretty tough times. They’re loving life with their new forever family.

For the Evanses, this disaster had a very happy ending.

Watch the heartwarming rescue below!

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