Volunteers Adopt a Dog for a Day

Socialization and exercise is very important for pets. This is especially true for animals living in a shelter. Often these institutions allow willing members of the public to volunteer to help care for the dogs and take them on walks. However, according to 5280 The Denver Magazine, the Aspen Animal Shelter is going a step further.

The Dog Walking program allows volunteers to adopt a dog for day. These animals are outfitted with yellow vests that let any passersby know they are available for adoption. There are a variety of reasons people choose to take on a pet for a day, Seth Sachon, executive director of the shelter, said.

"Volunteers are a mixed breed themselves: women who don't want to walk a trail alone; parents in need of a surrogate dog for their kids since they couldn't bring the family pooch to the hotel they're staying at; or even couples out on a first date," Sachon told the source.

Other shelters like the Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition offer volunteer dog walking hours. Additionally, there are visitation times for cat lovers. More information can be found to steer you toward an animal-related volunteering opportunity in your town at PetFinder.

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