Virginia Is Banning Animal Testing For Cosmetics

The Virginia governor signed a bill to ban new cosmetics animal testing and the sale of animal-tested cosmetics.

The Humane Society of the United States reported on Friday that Governor Ralph Northam signed the bill that is set to go into effect on January 1st, 2022.

The bill, which was first introduced by Senator Jennifer Boysko and Del. Kaye Kory, prohibits the sale of animal-tested cosmetics and prohibits any animal testing from taking place in the state for the use of cosmetics.


With this new law in effect, Virginia will be the fourth state to carry out such a ban on animal testing, alongside California, Illinois, and Nevada. Beyond those four states, six other states are currently in the process of creating similar bans, including New Jersey, Rhode Island, Oregon, New York, Hawaii, and Maryland.

The push to end animal testing for cosmetics has been a growing movement, with consumers and companies wanting to lessen unnecessary animal suffering. According to the Human Society of the United States, the bans taking place in states like Virginia are not coming from interest by governments alone, but by the people and cosmetic companies as well.


In their post, they said, “This fantastic news illustrates a growing momentum in efforts to end unnecessary testing on animals in the United States and around the world for products like shampoos, mascara, and lipstick. Consumers are scanning labels and demanding products free of animal testing, cosmetics companies are listening to them and changing their practices, and lawmakers are solidifying these changes into a permanent policy.”

This just goes to show how powerful consumer demands are!

Photo: flickr/Understanding Animal Research

While Virginia isn’t the first state to enact such a ban, the state has had an additional role in the national movement to end animal testing on cosmetics. According to the Chatham Star Tribune, Jim Moran, a Virginia Congressman, introduced the very first federal Humane Cosmetics Act back in 2013.

His successor has also made efforts to push for the federal act to be passed. It’s nice to see people working together to end an outdated practice.

Hopefully the other six states will follow suit soon enough and other states will start to feel the consumer and company pressure to enact similar changes.

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