Dog Peeking Over Fence Compared To Pennywise In Viral Photo

How well do you know your neighbors? Most of us don’t really have much to do with our neighbors as we all sort of keep to ourselves.

But every so often you might come face to face with one of your neighbors curiously peeking over the fence to get a better look at you.

There was one person’s neighbor in particular that has really been capturing the internet’s imagination. And that “neighbor” is a dog.

Photo: Pexels/PNW Production

Yes, seeing a dog looking at you from next door might be adorable, but sometimes it’s a little startling. The reason? Because the dog looks a little like Pennywise the Clown from the movie, “It.”

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The internet has also compared the pooch to a supernatural entity, calling him a “demon dog.” Based off the photos, we can see where that comparison comes from.

Check it out:

Understandably, the strange-looking little pooch has gained a lot of attention. As a result, the photo has gone viral online.

Some people have compared him to Michael Jackson’s look in the music video for “Thriller.” Others think it looks like other pop culture references such as Heath Ledger’s version of The Joker, or Samuel L. Jackson’s look in the movie, “Black Snake Moan.” Pennywise seems to be the most popular comparison, though.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

But perhaps the reason why the photo has people on the internet talking so much, is because it looks like the dog is up to something nefarious. In fact, the Twitter user who shared the photo, @thegallowboob, added the caption, “Never been more scared of a dog.”

Someone else agreed, stating, “They better cast him in that Cujo remake.” That is a sentiment that we can definitely agree with. That wasn’t the only Stephen King reference, as someone else mentioned the dog looking like a “Pet Sematary” addition.

But the one thing that everyone seems to be able to agree upon is the fact that the dog looks like he is plotting against his neighbor. If I were @thegallowboob, I’d be sleeping with one eye open.

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