Disturbing Video Shows Men About To Force A Dog ‘To Drink Ditch Water To Bulk Up It Up For Vietnamese Meat Trade’

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This post contains graphic pictures that may be upsetting to some. Viewer discretion is advised.

An estimated 5 million dogs are killed and eaten in Vietnam every year. Dogs are stolen from homes and then sold to butchers, which pay a certain price per pound.

A disturbing video was posted of a group of men attempting to ‘fatten up’ what appears to be stolen dogs by forcing a tube down their throats and filling their stomachs with ditch water.

Screen Shot: Facebook/Fight Dog Meat

Fight Dog Meat, an animal welfare organization, posted the video to raise awareness of the brutal treatment of dogs and to hopefully end the dog meat trade.

In the video, five men are gathered around motorized bikes that have wire crates on the back crammed full of dogs. The dogs have their feet and mouths bound so they cannot bite, bark or move. One dog is being held by its head and forced to stand on its back legs by one man, as the others rummage for things on the bike. The video was taken by someone hiding nearby and cut off when the men spotted the advocate.

Screen Shot: Facebook/Fight Dog Meat

“Filthy plastic tubing is rammed down the dogs’ throat for putrid drain water to be force fed into their stomach. It’s done to increase each dog’s body weight just before selling them to butchers for dog meat,” captioned the video. Dog traders do this every day.

“Vietnam’s dog meat trade is one of the most dangerous and violent of all of them. When the dog traders in this video saw the camera, the person filming took off before the traders could reach them. We want the world to know what is happening to animals in Vietnam. We want those in power to know we’re strengthening the voice of Vietnam’s animal lovers, on behalf of their animals in crisis,” posted Fight Dog Meat.

Photo: Facebook/Fight Dog Meat

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Another heartbreaking image was posted on Fight Dog Meat’s Facebook page of a dog on a scale in Vietnam. AnimalsAsia reports ” Many suffer broken limbs as they are transported vast distances, without food or water.”

Photo:Facebook/Humane Society International

Over 30 million dogs are killed for human consumption each year. The Humane Society International states, “The dog meat trade is most widespread in China, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Nagaland in northern India. This trade is well-organized, with high numbers of dogs being stolen or taken from the streets, transported over long distances and brutally slaughtered.”

The dog meat trade needs to end around the world!

WARNING: The video below is disturbing and viewer discretion is advised.

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