Veterinarian Uses All Her Income To Help Dogs Many Would Consider Beyond Saving

Meet a veterinarian that is going well beyond her job description!
When Janey was backpacking through Sri Lanka, she saw something that stuck with her. The amount of dogs living on the streets, in horrific conditions, really hit home. As a trained veterinarian, Janey knew she had to do something. She came back to Sri Lanka to spend all her earnings on dogs in need.


Dr. Janey doesn’t let anything scare her off. She will take the most drastic cases, like a dog covered in maggots, and pick each one out, while giving him his favorite snack to distract him from the pain.


A dog like Badger, who was literally chewing his foot off, owes his life to this selfless woman. And if she runs out of funds to help the animals in Sri Lanka, she flies back to the UK and works until she has enough money to fly back again. Everything she earns goes to helping these animals that would otherwise be forgotten. WOW! What an incredible woman! I have chills! Watch her incredible story below!

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