Navy Veteran Homeless With His 2 Dogs

There’s an epidemic of homelessness among veterans in the United States. And while some organizations are working to create shelters and opportunities for these heroic men and women, most of them will not allow veterans to bring their pets into shelters or other housing situations.

However, many of these vets count on their pets for emotional support or are simply unwilling to see a defenseless animal left out in the cold while they retreat to the warmth of a shelter or a rented home.

This is the case for a Navy veteran named John who served for 21 years and is now living in his car because no one will rent to him, simply because he will not give up his two dogs. Some landlords will make exceptions for one dog but not for two. And like many of us, who consider our dogs to be family, John will not part with his pups.

Photo: YouTube/Animal Planet

John got kicked out of his home and has taken up residence in his vehicle just to survive. His two dogs, the docile poodle, Princess Ariel, and, as John says, “the noisiest thing on four legs,” Amazing Grace, live with him in his small car.

Things like this should NOT happen to our vets, our heroes! Veterans deserve the utmost respect for all that they did for this country. Sadly, there are few laws protecting them, and veteran homelessness is increasing every day.

Photo: YouTube/Animal Planet

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What choices does John have? He can’t go back to his old home, he cannot rent a house or apartment because he owns two dogs, and he puts his dogs’ needs first, so he won’t be getting rid of them anytime soon.

Both dogs are well-fed, groomed, and very happy; they just need a good place to live with their dad.

If you were in this situation, would you make the same choice John did? Would you get rid of your dogs in exchange for the chance to have a place to live, or would you stick with your pups and live out of your car?

The Guardians, on Animal Planet, found John in his car and are working to help him and this sad situation. We will follow his story and post updates.

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