Vet Tech Crochets “Ears” For Sweet Rescue Pit Bull Who Lost His

When a poor pittie was brought into the Sacramento SPCA, he was in rough shape.

The organization shared about him on Facebook, explaining that he’d been attacked by another dog and had lost both of his ears as a result.

Thankfully, he pulled through and the veterinary team cleaned up his wounds and got him all ready to be adopted. There was just one thing he’d be permanently missing: his ears.

In a sweet turn of events, the Sacramento SPCA shared that a vet tech crocheted the dog, Willy, a set of ears so he wouldn’t go without.

The ears wrapped around his head like a band and look so cozy and cute! It’s hard not to fall in love with that face.

Since getting his ears, Willy was ready to find a forever family to call home. The SPCA shared that he has an “easy-going personality” and has a history of living with children.

Thankfully, it wasn’t long before the SPCA announced that he’d gone home with a new owner. They said, “Willy is going home with a #repeatrescuer and will be a big brother to Sacramento SPCA alumni Zeus.”

They added that Zeus is a bit shy, but Willy can use his outgoing personality to help Zeus relax a bit. We’re so happy for him!

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