Navy Veteran’s Service Dog Found Days After Being Stolen

When James Booth’s car was stolen in downtown St. Paul, the navy veteran’s first thought wasn’t for his missing vehicle. Instead, Booth was distraught because his beloved service dog, Ladybug, had been inside.

“I couldn’t sleep and when I did kind of nod out, I’d have nightmares that something happened to her,” the veteran told Kare 11, recalling how Ladybug’s unknown fate kept him awake at night.

Not only was Ladybug Booth’s service dog and “best friend,” the Shar-Pei/Pitbull/Retriever mix spent the past 10 years helping the veteran overcome injuries sustained while bravely serving our country.

Service dogs are instrumental in helping U.S. veterans cope with the physical and emotional effects of war, which is why The Animal Rescue proudly partners with organizations providing service dogs to U.S. veterans. This also makes it hard to understand how someone could steal a hardworking service dog from a disabled veteran.

For the next two days, Booth was beside himself wondering whether his dog was safe while police raced to track down the person or people behind this galling crime.

Finally, somebody called 911 after seeing the Booth’s stolen 2008 Dodge Caliber around town. When police arrived at the scene, they thankfully found Ladybug — along with the 33-year-old dognapper/car thief — inside. The woman has since been arrested.

Thankfully, Ladybug was found unharmed after this terrifying ordeal, which also demonstrates why dogs should never be left alone in the car.

Regardless, Booth was relieved and thrilled to be reunited with his fur family. “She’s my best friend, aren’t you baby,” the grateful veteran said when Lady Bug was finally back home safe.

Congratulations, Ladybug! We’re so glad you’ve been reunited with your rightful owner.

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