Vet Reveals How He Gets Dogs Excited For Their Shots

All dogs have different personalities and quirks, but there is one thing that they all seem to have in common, and that is a fear of the vet’s office.

No matter how nice and patient the vet might be, our dogs are not exactly thrilled whenever they have to go in for a visit.

But there is one friendly vet, André Santos, who does his best to make his patients feel as comfortable as possible whenever they go see him.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It all starts with treats. Everyone knows that the quickest way to a dog’s heart is through their stomach, and that is why Dr. Santos uses treats to make his canine patients feel at ease whenever they have to get their vaccines. And it works, too!

It helps them get over the anxiety of getting a shot.

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Dr. Santos, who works at a vet clinic in Portugal, knows better than to get straight to the needle work. Instead, he greets the dogs and gets them excited to be there. Part of that is thanks to him getting to them with some tasty treats.

Photo: Instagram/andresantosvet

His patients are very grateful for the special little token of his care. It helps them to forget about the pain of the needle, plus he is happy to see them excited. It helps them leave his office feeling good – even if they had to get a vaccine or two.

As the good doctor explained, “Whenever we do a procedure, we should give a positive treat.”

Photo: Instagram/andresantosvet

It seems to work quite well – positive reinforcement is always a hit with the canines. Maybe more vet offices should take a page out of his playbook and get their patients excited about keeping up with their health needs.

You can keep up with André Santos on his Instagram account, where he shares plenty of adorable photos with his patients.

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