Vets Made Tiny Casts For A Bird With Deformed Feet

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A tiny Mockingbird that doesn’t even have a name recently ended up with the California Wildlife Center. They rescued him and took him in after they saw his feet were deformed.

The little bird had ‘knuckled feet’, meaning that they folded in on themselves so it was impossible for him to walk or even perch comfortably.

If the rescue group wouldn’t have stepped in, the little Mockingbird would probably have died.

Photo: California Wildlife Center

In addition, the bird probably had to deal with painful sores constantly. Thankfully, a solution was only one creative decision away.

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A team of veterinarians got busy creating a little set of shoes for the tiny bird. They made the shoes out of cardboard.

Photo: California Wildlife Center

The shoes were designed to help realign the little bird’s feet so that they were back in shape again. It took only one week and his feet were fixed. He was then able to get back to life as normal.

They removed the little makeshift shoes and released the bird into the wild. I guess we could all use a little help sometimes.

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