This Is Woofing Fantastic! Service Dog Stands Up To Velociraptor At Universal Studios

At Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, something woofing fantastic happened! In the Jurassic Park section, a Velocirpator that was half puppet, half human (in a costume), came a little too close for comfort. The adoring, protective service dog wasn’t taking any chances!

A video like this one, proves yet again, that dogs are loyal above all. He literally stands up for his human and gives the dinosaur a piece of his mind. Get ready to “awww,” laugh and smile when you see the whole incident unfold. The audience LOL’ed as well, when they saw this service dog, who takes his job very seriously, take on the beast.

The best part is, the dinosaur retreats, knowing good well that he’s no match for man’s best friend.

Are you a fan of Jurassic Park movies? ME TOO! Here’s some fun facts:

  • Michael Crichton, author of the Jurassic Park novel, began writing this sci-fi masterpiece but then abandoned the project when he began to think it was just too far out there. As time progressed, and so did science, he went back to the project and completed his masterpiece. And thank goodness he did!
  • Steven Spielberg bought the movie rights to Jurassic Park before Crichton even completed his novel… YUP, it was just too darn good not to!
  • Nicolas Cage encouraged Laura Dern to do the movie. They co-starred in “Wild At Heart” together and when the script came in for Jurassic Park, she had some doubts, but Cage insisted that you could never go wrong starring in a dinosaur movie!
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