Animal Shelter Will Deliver A ‘Puppergram’ To Your Loved One’s Office For Valentine’s Day

The Sullivan County Animal Shelter in Tennessee is putting the rest of the world to shame this Valentine’s Day by offering up the best Valentine’s Day gift ever: Puppergrams!

WCYB reports that the Puppergrams can be bought at the shelter and scheduled for delivery to your special someone, either on the 13th or 14th of February.

But you need to keep in mind that there is a limited number of Puppergrams available for purchase. If you do manage to get one for someone, here’s what you can expect: an office visit from a shelter puppy who comes bearing two dozen roses, and either a red velvet “pup” cake or a dozen chocolate-dipped bacon roses.

Photo: Flickr/Found Animals Foundation

After some quality puppy time, the puppy will have to go back to the shelter. But there is a silver lining: all puppy participants who were “Puppergrams” will be available for adoption shortly after Valentine’s Day!

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There are a couple of other restrictions, such as the Puppergrams are only available in Bristol and Kingsport, Tennessee. Also, the shelter only delivers Puppergrams to workplaces (no home deliveries).

Photo: Flickr/Found Animals Foundation

All proceeds from the Puppergrams will be going back into the shelter in order to help care for all the animals who are waiting to find homes.

For those who want to possibly get a Puppergram for someone special, you can contact the shelter at 423-279-2741 for more information.

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