Cat Was In Excruciating Pain After Getting Declawed. His Recovery Story is Something You Have To See

“We take animals who were going to lose their lives because they were declawed — and we rehabilitate them,” Conrad told the Dodo. “We’ve had a 100 percent success rate in finding these animals homes once they’ve been taken out of pain and the infection in their paws has been taken away.”

Vanderhoek indicates that Valentine is on the road to recovery. She notes that his progress is getting better, but still gets startled easily at loud noises. However, Valentine is still a big fan of cuddling and just needs a quiet place to wind down and relax. “Anytime you have a behavioral problem, you should treat it with behavioral management. Not with surgery,” Conrad told the Dodo.

Credit: Zoey's Place Rescue
Credit: Zoey’s Place Rescue

They say it takes a village to raise a child. The same goes for an animals like Valentine. He might have been next up on that euthanasia list if it weren’t for places and people like The Paw Project or Zoey’s Place Rescue. If you would like to donate to the Paw Project, you can do so here.

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