UPS Driver Saves Discarded Puppy While Driving His Route

A UPS driver witnessed a puppy being discarded in the road and managed to save its life.

Jason Harcrow was doing his usual route for UPS in Stanislaus County, California when he noticed a car stop abruptly in the middle of the street. At first, he may have thought nothing of it, but he paid attention anyway and it’s a good thing he did!

Someone in the car ended up tossing a tiny puppy into the middle of the street before driving off.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Harcrow was alarmed at what he witnessed and knew he needed to act quickly. He tried to get the license plate number of the car in question, but it drove off too quickly.

Of course, he knew he couldn’t leave the little puppy in the street so he pulled his UPS truck over and got to the puppy before it could run into traffic.

Photo: Facebook/Hughson Police Services

Without Hacrow’s quick action, it’s unlikely that the little pup, later named Biscuit, would have survived the busy road.

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After picking the pup up, he immediately left his route and went to the Hughson Police Station. He described what happened, and though they weren’t able to catch whoever dumped the puppy without a license plate number, they were able to get Biscuit into the hands of animal control.

The police department shared the story to their Facebook page, explaining, “The driver then brought the puppy to the Hughson Police Substation where Animal Control responded to pick up the puppy. The puppy is in great spirits and will most likely be up for adoption at Stanislaus County Animal Shelter.”

Photo: Facebook/Hughson Police Services

Once at the animal shelter, the tiny puppy was evaluated and found to be in good health. He was neutered and then put up for adoption. This all happened four years ago now, back in 2016, and we’re happy to say that, the little pooch did find a forever home. The animal shelter shared a photo of Biscuit, who now goes by Ernie, with his new owner.

They said, “Here’s Ernie’ formerly known as Biscuit with his new owner! Congratulations! We’re so pleased he’s found a new home.”

Photo: Facebook/Stanislaus Animal Services Agency

While this puppy’s fate could’ve quickly turned out tragically, thanks to Harcrow, Ernie can now live out the rest of his days in a loving forever home.

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