UPS Driver Comes Home Late Because He Is Busy Making Friends With Dogs & Cats At His Stops

Working long hours is part of the job for a delivery driver, especially during the holidays, but so is meeting adorable dogs and cats.

One UPS driver is going viral for taking extra time to greet and treat the pets at his stops.

TikToker @abbyannemiller posted a video of her riding along with her stepdad on his route and showed why he often arrives home late.

Screenshot: TikTok/@abbyannemiller

In the video, the UPS driver doesn’t just deliver packages but makes sure to pet and give a treat to each animal he encounters. Dogs of all sizes come onboard the truck or wait patiently on the ground for their treat.

Tails begin to wag, and happy barking ensues when the brown truck pulls in the drive. The dogs eagerly wait to be pet and given something good to eat.

The sweet man also makes sure to give some love and goodies to the cats and kittens, which viewers commended him for.

Abby captioned the viral video, “Really the only reason i agreed to be his driver helper for the season.” And we can see why.

Screenshot: TikTok/@abbyannemiller

Millions have watched the video, and many are considering a career change.

UPS seems to be ok with it, too. They commented, “So happy you joined us this season Abby! Thank you both for the hard work both of you are doing and for showing us all the fur babies!”

One viewer wrote, “Is this the reason that my UPS packages NEVER make it on time? If this is what’s going on I’m okay with it.”

Screenshot: TikTok/@abbyannemiller

When asked how many UPS drivers give treats, the wife of another UPS driver said, “all the drivers I know do it”.

The video was set to the song “Good Dogs” by Jameson Rodgers, who also took to the comment section to add his opinion. “Best video I’ve seen all year,” he wrote. Abby responded back by saying, “thank you for making one of the best songs of all time!”

Check out the heartwarming video below and don’t forget to share!

@abbyannemiller Really the only reason i agreed to be his driver helper for the season 🥰😂 #UPS #Dogs #Cats ♬ Good Dogs – Jameson Rodgers

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