UPS Man Makes A Special Stop On His Route Each Week, And His Favorite Dog Is Always Waiting For Him

Whenever this UPS driver is on his route in the neighborhood each week, he makes sure to stop at one of the houses to visit his favorite customer: an adorable boxer. He brings plenty of treats with him for the sweet pup.

And the Boxer loves the UPS driver just as much as he loves the dog! When the truck comes driving down the road, the Boxer runs out front. As soon as he sees the truck stopped in front of the house, he runs right up the stairs and onto the truck. Then the UPS driver gives him a few pets and hands him a couple of treats. The dog happily accepts them, wagging his tail.

The backstory of this is not known in detail, but just watching their sweet routine in the video below is extremely heartwarming! It’s always nice to see strangers doing kind things for others, and in this case, dogs!

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