A Litter Of Puppies Stuck Under A House Need Rescuers And Their Mama… Would They Find Both?

Hope for Paws, teamed up with World Animal Awareness Society, accomplishes one amazing rescue! I was at the edge of my seat for this one, folks, and you will be too!

A family of pups, so tiny and young, were stuck beneath a house. Luckily, help was coming to gather these cuties up and get them to a more suitable environment. But wait, where was mom? OH NO! Rescuers noticed the puppies were too young to be without her and she was nowhere to be found! Does this rescue have a happy ending? You’ll see have to watch to find out!

Get ready to fall in serious puppy love with this bunch and their rescuers.

So many animals, like these puppies, deserve homes. But not all are lucky enough to find one. That is why it is always important to spay and neuter your pet! According to the ASPCA, of the 3.9 million dogs that wind up in shelters, just 35% are adopted. It’s a tragedy that more puppies are born every day who will not have the opportunity to become beloved pets. The overpopulation problem is real, but you can help stop it. Click here and find out more!

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