Man Commits Astounding Deed With An Even More Astonishing Effect

Muslihudin Sharbinie, who goes by “Uli,” recently found a cat that had been hit by a car.

Rather than look the other way, he decided to bring her to the closest vet, which took a three-hour scooter ride along the winding, mountainous roads near Bogor, Indonesia.

When he got to the vet, doctors told him the surgeries would be far too expensive and euthanasia would be the best option.

Credit: Uli Sharbinie
Credit: Uli Sharbinie

His response shocked almost everyone. “My friends will pay for this,” Uli told the vet, according to the Dodo. “We will save her.” A guy who has never met this cat spends every day of his life taking care of these beloved felines in every way, including financially.

Credit: Uli Sharbinie
Credit: Uli Sharbinie

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But Uli, a married father of five who holds down three jobs, couldn’t do it alone. He could do no more than feed and prepare natural remedies for the cats he found. But they were often grievously injured or desperately sick.

That’s when he found his “angels”…..

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