Ukrainian Woman Tries To “Forget About The War” By Rescuing & Caring For Over 70 Abandoned Animals

The war in Ukraine continues.

Over 12 million people have fled from their homes in the war-torn country. Those who remain behind are doing everything they can to survive – including finding ways to forget about all the destruction around them.

Many people took their beloved pets with them, but countless dogs and cats still roam the streets looking for shelter and food.

Mrs. Veronica who lives in the village of Gorenka near Kyiv spends her days rescuing and caring for abandoned cats and dogs. She turned her home into a safe haven for 47 cats and 25 dogs she rescued during the war. The massive undertaking gives her something positive to focus on.

She told charity organization UAnimals, “I don’t know where those forces came from. I really wanted to forget about the war, because I was already going crazy. This is why I plunged into rescue of abandoned animals. Made in my house, which miraculously stood, and in the yard a shelter for cats and dogs. From cassette bombs and ulamkív crashed windows and pobivsâ roof.”

But that’s not all.

Along with two volunteer vets, she recently opened a field hospital in a woman’s garage. UAnimals shared that the hospital is being used to “sterilize, vaccinate and treat four-legged animals. During the war, they together rescued animals from Gorenka, Moschun, Pushcha-Vodytsia. These villages have been hit hard. Recently, Veronica took out animals that her acquaintances left in Mykolaiv.”

Over 1,100 pounds of pet food was sent by UAnimals to Veronica and her team to help feed all the rescued cats and dogs. The organization continues to help all animals impacted by the war but needs help.

“Every day we receive dozens of requests for food for hundreds of hungry four-legged people from occupied cities. Dozens of birds and wild animals are injured as a result of the fighting and need urgent treatment. Horses from stables burned by enemies have no place to graze, so they count on us. We really want to help everyone. Please support us in this. Let’s save the lives of the defenseless together,” they pleaded.

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