Ukrainian Soldiers Make Tough Decision In Order To Protect Beloved Stray Dog Who Took Shelter Alongside Them

The war continues in Ukraine, but so do the heartwarming stories of people and soldiers saving animals.

A shepherd-type dog called Nona was taken in by Ukrainian soldiers who did a selfless act to ensure she remained safe.

As buildings and homes collapsed from the Russian bombings in Donetsk region, the frightened dog found shelter in a Ukrainian military hideout.

Screenshot: YouTube/UAnimals

The soldiers welcomed her with open arms, literally. They made sure she had everything she needed and remained safe in the hideout.

Her friendly demeanor and calming presence made her a welcomed distraction from the war.

Screenshot: YouTube/UAnimals

“Warriors are very fond of the four-legged, Nona guards their sleep and soothes them with a friendly tail wag,” shared UAnimals.

The brave soldiers continued to fight off Russian forces and were greeted by Nona when they returned. Everyone adored the large pup and wanted to make sure she was out of harm’s way, so they had to make a difficult decision.

Screenshot: YouTube/UAnimals

As the bombings and fighting continues, the warriors decided to transport their beloved Nona to a safe shelter.

UAnimals assisted in the transportation and wrote, “It was dangerous for the animal to be in a war zone, so the military with sadness decided to evacuate the four-legged. The defenders took Nona to Zaporozhye, where our team met her and took her for investigation. Now the dog lives in the Gostomel shelter and is waiting for her friends with victory! 🇺🇦”

Screenshot: YouTube/UAnimals

Ukrainians are once again showing their compassion and courage by helping people and animals in need. They are putting the needs of others before themselves and showing what unconditional love looks like.

One person commented, “It is definitely necessary to learn humanity from our soldiers, they save all lives. A low bow to you, and a dog longs for its saviors, God grant only PEACE.”

Watch the touching video of Nona with her beloved warriors in the video below and don’t forget to share.

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