As the War in Ukraine Continues, You’ve Helped Us Keep Looking After Pets in Need

In the 20 months since Russia invaded Ukraine, much of the country’s infrastructure has been destroyed, a third of the population has been forced to flee their homes, and the UN Refugee Agency estimates at least 17.6 million Ukrainians have been in need of humanitarian aid this year. Along with the people impacted are their pets, and with your help, we’ve been able to ensure animals have been getting what they need, too.


Through collaboration with Greater Good Charities and local organizations in Ukraine, we’ve set up a distribution network to get emergency pet food to refugees and to shelters caring for those left behind. For pets without owners or a roof over their head, we’ve also worked to set up feeding stations with food and water for strays.

Shelters impacted by the violence and destruction include those in Zaporizhzhia, which has been in the thick of the fighting. Rescues there have had to evacuate animals from the front lines, treat those with diseases, and find animals that have been abandoned… all while hoping to find them homes in these uncertain times. GreaterGood’s Nina Yevtushenko recently stopped by this rescue organization in Zaporizhzhia to visit with the pets and help distribute food.


Ukrainian volunteers – like Victor, pictured above with Nina – have supported these efforts by bringing food to the front lines, feeding neighborhood animals they know don’t have homes, and seeking those left behind after evacuations.


With your help, we’ve been able to support Ukrainian animal advocates like them. At just a year into the war, we’d already distributed nearly 10 million pounds of dry food and 2.2 million meals, along with other necessary supplies to shelters and clinics. Contributions from concerned animal lovers like you have made a big difference. Each of your $10 donations has provided 100 nutritious meals for a pet whose world has been turned upside down.


This is in addition to all of your help for the people of Ukraine. To raise the spirits of children impacted by fighting, we’ve teamed up with Siobhan’s Trust and Greater Good Charities to serve more than one million pizzas at pizza parties. The pizzas also provide warm meals to those lacking them, as supply chain disruptions have impacted food. Other food and supplies continue to reach those in need, as well.

Last winter, you also helped provide kits to help Ukrainians without heat. As this winter approaches, cold pets could use a little care, too. If you’d like to help, click below!

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