Worried About Ukraine? Here’s How You Can Help People & Pets Fleeing Putin’s War

On February 24, Russia launched a brutal invasion of its neighbor, Ukraine, in a brazen display of unchecked military power.

The bloody invasion–which has left terrified residents hiding in basements and subways to escape relentless shelling and bombs–has already killed hundreds of innocent civilians and caused 1 million people to flee.

Sadly, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The European Union predicts 7 million Ukrainians will be displaced by the time Putin’s war is through.

Photo: World Central Kitchen

The crisis is especially devasting for Ukraine’s women, children, and families, who’ve been forced to travel for days without water or food to safety in Poland, Romania, or another border country.

Many people are traveling on foot with only the clothes on their backs, often carrying pets they can’t fathom leaving behind.

UKRAINE PET UPDATE: The situation in Ukraine is getting worse by the minute and animal shelters are now being bombed….

Posted by Network for Animals on Saturday, February 26, 2022

This desperate situation led Greater Good Charities to partner with World Central Kitchen, which is working with local restaurants, caterers, and food trucks to provide hungry refugees with hot, nourishing meals as they race to escape the violence.

Photo: World Central Kitchen

Within hours of Russia’s invasion, World Central Kitchen–run by celebrity chef, Jose Andres–was feeding Unkranian refugees as they crossed over the border to safety in Poland.

Photo: World Central Kitchen

Since then, World Central Kitchen has expanded its operations to include eight Polish border crossings while establishing meal distribution points across six bordering countries, including Hungary, Moldova, Romania, and soon Slovakia.

With your support, we can help World Central Kitchen provide even more meals for Ukrainian refugees who’ve been driven out of their country and homes.

Photo: World Central Kitchen

Sadly, Ukraine’s people aren’t the only ones endangered by Putin’s aggression. Innocent animals have also been trapped in the conflict.

Greater Good Charities has also partnered with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and other groups to provide cash grants, supplies, and emergency aid to help displaced animals, who’ve been flooding into Ukrainian shelters. Sadly, these numbers include pets whose families were forced to leave them behind.

Photo: World Central Kitchen

You can help. Your donation will help us provide food and emergency aid to help Ukrainian people and animals affected by the war.

Please make an emergency donation to help Ukraine’s people and animals survive Europe’s biggest humanitarian crisis in decades. Give today.

Photo: World Central Kitchen
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