Woman Feeds Hungry Stray Puppies In Ukraine When No One Else Will

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Around the world, stray dogs are a problem. Dogs need shelter, food, veterinary care, and companionship to thrive, but there are many that spend their lives on the streets.

In some areas, like the US, street dogs are taken into shelters. Many are euthanized, but the dogs that survive and find home placements often go on to live amazing lives.

Other areas, like Ukraine, have dog shelters but they’re too crowded. Shelters turn thousands of dogs away, creating a huge problem for the country – a massive overpopulation of stray dogs.

Photo: flickr/Ivan Bandura

Some rescues have worked to combat and help the stray dog populations, and some citizens have even taken matters into their own hands! One of those citizens, Olena Pyanov, founded Love Furry Friends Rescue Channel, where she shows off her rescue of stray, injured, and abused animals.

But her work doesn’t stop there. When she can’t rescue animals from their situation, she does her best to help them in any way she can. As seen in the video below, she’ll often buy large bags of dog food and drive to locations where stray dogs and puppies are known to gather. She pours the food out, fills tubs with water, and even tries to befriend a few of the pups.

Photo: YouTube/Stray Furry Friends

The dogs appear ravenous and are appreciative of the food and water. Olena explained in the video’s description:

“There are more than 20,000 stray dogs in my region.

Shelters are overcrowded and don’t take new dogs, so stray dogs have to survive on the streets cold winters and hot summers…

I help them as much as I can: bring them food and water, treat, vaccinate, spay and neuter.”

She ended her thoughts, saying, “I want to set an example to others to care for animals and to not be afraid to open your arms for help and love!”

Photo: YouTube/Stray Furry Friends

Being one person, it may feel like you can’t make that much of an impact. But to a dog or puppy on the streets, it only takes one kind person to change their lives and give them a fighting chance.

Watch her in action in the video below:

You can keep up with Olena and her rescue work on her YouTube channels, Love Furry Friends and Stray Furry Friends, or follow her on Instagram, @l_i_u_d_a.

CLICK HERE to help provide nourishing meals and critical supplies to people and animals fleeing from attack in Ukraine.

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