UK Police Dogs Receive Well-Deserved Pension

CaninePensionMilitary and law enforcement around the world have found a companion who is trustworthy, always by their side, and who puts in 100% to assist in keeping their country and citizens safe. This ideal partner is none-other than the many canines who’ve been trained to stand guard and sacrifice their lives just like any other human in service.

Unfortunately, not all dogs who served in Nottinghamshire, UK received the benefits that their human counterparts receive after retirement. Until now.

For their dedication to a lifetime of service, Nottinghamshire is giving their UK police dogs three years of retirement, equating to 500 euros a year.

“Financial assistance for police dogs injured or ill arising from their work has, until now, ended on retirement.” said Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping, who approved the funds. “These dogs give willing and sterling service over the years in protecting the public. This will ensure continuing medical help once their work is done.”

The need for the well-deserved pensions came to light after various incidences put a number of these courageous canines’ lives in danger. Namely, Rossi the Belgian shepherd whose life was at risk after a drunk individual threatened to hurt him with an axe.

Rossi with no hesitation jumped 8 ft. and grabbed the axe before the man was able to do any harm and the culprit was fortunately jailed.

Now in action, the pensions are expected to go to nine well-deserving dogs between the financial year of 2015-2016.

Let’s thank these dogs for what they do and hope this trend spreads to all countries who employ courageous pups like these to serve their communities!


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