Uber Driver Surprises Passengers With Some Serious Cute (And A Wonderful Message!)

Jonathan Guarano takes his job as an Uber driver very seriously. He makes sure, on a daily basis, that his passengers are safe and happy. But Guarano wanted to use his job to send an important message. How would he do that and put smiles on his passengers’ faces? Well, he did it by coming up with a genius plan!

What Guarano did next is something so amazing, we just had to share it with all of you! He went to his local shelter, made sure his car was pawfectly safe, and then greeted his human passengers with some (drum roll here!) SHELTER PUPPIES!

According to Guarano: “I knew I wanted to somehow create a fun message that adoption is a great option when it comes to owning a pet.” WOW, this guy is pawsome. Can he get a high paw?

Next time I order an Uber, I’m expecting some puppies! LOL!

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