Let’s Be Honest, Your Day Could Use Some Side By Side Bunny Munching

Two bunnies with the munchies just made my day SO MUCH BETTER! I didn’t know side by side munching was a thing! Did you? OMG! It’s adorable! They have tons of room to move about but they insist of being squished together for munching support. I LOVE IT! Oh, and you will too!

I have such a weak spot for bunnies. Are you a fan too?

Source: Facebook/Go Animals
Source: Facebook/Go Animals

Here’s another story that’ll make your day fantastic: Chewy, a very lucky Alpaca who was destined for the meat industry, is rescued by an awesome human. YAY! He now lives the most incredible life with the most incredible family.

Chewy gets to go on adventures with his human brother. How cool is that?! They do everything together. They’re practically being raised as siblings and I think that’s AH-MAZING! You will too. Click here to meet Chewy!

In the meantime, watch the adorable bunny video below!

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