The Internet Can’t Figure Out Which Zebra Is Looking At The Camera

Optical illusions are a rather interesting phenomenon. Basically, we are providing our brain with more visual information than it can process. It is an optical illusion that you are seeing below when a photographer took a picture of two zebras. People are curious as to which of the zebras is actually looking at the camera.

It happened when a photographer based in Nagpur City, India, Sarosh Lodhi, took the picture. They were in Kenya last year and it resurfaced online when it was shared by a friend. People started asking which animal was looking at the camera almost right away!

The picture was shared by Parveen Kaswan along with the caption, “let’s see who can tell which Zebra is in front. Clicked & asked by friend @saroshlodhi.”

You will probably be looking back and forth between the two zebras quickly as your brain tries to figure out what you are actually seeing.

You might even think you have it figured out but on closer investigation, you start to question your first choice.

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One person had a really good explanation as to why it was the left zebra that was looking at the camera.

“The left one, going by the folds on his neck (probably because his head is tilted to his right). The right one doesn’t have folds on the neck indicating his face is hid straight behind the left zebra’s face.”

There was also an accusation of digital manipulation, but Londi confirmed that it is the real deal.

He talked to Insider about taking the picture:

“I was clicking a dazzle of zebras in Maasai Mara, trying out various creative images. That’s when I saw these two approaching each other. Expecting some interaction or nuzzling between the two, I kept my focus glued on to this pair.

They kept coming closer and closer and to my utter amusement they reached an alignment that caused a total illusion.”

Spoiler alert! He also confirmed that the left zebra is the one looking at the camera.

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