For Two Disabled Cats, Life Doesn’t Get Much Sweeter Than This!

For two disabled cats, who can’t walk on their own, life could’ve been pretty miserable. They were born with a defect of the spine but that doesn’t mean they have to have defective lives. A family thought so too and is giving them the best life possible. Kinda makes me believe anything is “pawsible” haha!

Animals with disabilities deserve pawfect lives. It is not their fault they are the way that they are. In fact, in some instances, it makes them even MORE pawfect… because they are super special! If you can open your heart and your home to an animal with special needs, please consider doing so. It would do your heart good, as well as your family! Animals with disabilities can teach your kids how to be compassionate and responsible. Bringing home a pet from a shelter is a home run. Bringing home a pet with disabilities is kind of like a grand slam!

PS Make sure you swoon over the cat’s tutu like I am doing right now! OMG!

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