Widowed Otters Move In Together After Finding Love Again Online

All we’re really looking for in this crazy world is someone to love us. Turns out, that is all that our fellow animals are seeking as well.

Luckily for two adorable little Asian short-clawed otters, they have found happiness in one another. And it’s the second round for each of them as well!

As it turns out, both Pumpkin and Harris suffered the sad loss of their respective partners. But they have found each other, and as a result, have been given a second chance in love. The Cornish Seal Sanctuary in England released a statement that shared the devastating news of Harris’ partner, Apricot, passing away in September. As the released statement read, the little otter had passed away “after reaching an impressive 16 years of age, leaving Harris alone for the first time in four years.”

This meant that poor Harris was back to being single – something he wasn’t quite used to. It also didn’t help that otters naturally seek to live in pairs, so the newly single Harris was feeling quite adrift. It resulted in the sanctuary staff feeling really bad for him and hoping that he would be able to find himself another mate.

So they decided to help him out a bit. They decided to set the otter up with a little “dating profile” of his own. It was aptly named “Fishing for Love.” And it wasn’t long before interest began to circulate over the eligible bachelor. The Cornish Seal Sanctuary soon received correspondence in the form of pictures and information about Pumpkin, the female otter living at SEA LIFE Scarborough in England. The only problem was that Scarborough was just over 400 miles away – talk about a long-distance romance.

The SEA LIFE Scarborough display shared that Pumpkin herself had recently lost her partner, Eric. They were delighted to learn about Harris’ dating profile and figured that these two crazy kids deserved a second chance at a love story. And that is exactly what they got.

Harris was the one to relocate for love and he soon joined Pumpkin in her SEA LIFE Scarborough aquarium and seal hospital. The two didn’t move things along too fast as they still went through a get-to-know-you period. This included some rather romantic dates like an actual “fairy-lit dinner for two.” That is just too precious!

The trial run turned out to be a success and soon the two otters decided to make things official.

Now, Harris is a permanent resident and living full-time with his new lady love. A statement from Cornish Seal Sanctuary expressed pure joy that Pumpkin and Harris managed to find true love again. The post expressed that while the staff at the sanctuary are “delighted” for the otter, Harris still is very much missed back at the sanctuary. But they’re thrilled that this move has meant that both he and Pumpkin will be able to enjoy a little happily-ever-after ending.

And it comes just in time for the SEA LIFE Scarborough aquarium to reopen its doors to the public. No doubt Pumpkin and Harris will be entertaining socially distant crowds with their adorable love story. What do you think of these two otters? Let us know!

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