Want To Meet The Cutest Thing On Two Legs?


Mr. Jack just took cute to a whole new level! Look at this precious pup! Mr. Jack was born with two legs, instead of four, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a whole lotta dog. Trust me, he is! His doting parents can barely keep up. He’s super fast in his wheelchair or hopping about.

Doesn’t this little one make you smile so hard your face hurts? I know my face is aching! There’s just something about a happy dog that gets me every single time and it doesn’t matter what they look like. A dog doesn’t care! Mr. Jack may have special needs but he’s as happy as can be.

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Julie Hunt Julie resides in Northern New Jersey with her two kids, two dogs, cat and partner. She has two published books which make excellent trivets if you aren't a fan of poetry. She tolerates people but LOVES animals. If she isn't blogging, she's most likely cuddling with her pups, Paisley and Skyler.
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