Janus The Two Headed Tortoise Defeats The Odds By Turning 23-Years-Old Next Month

Janus is a two-headed Greek tortoise who has a big birthday coming up next month. She will be turning 23 on the 3rd of September. Given that she was born back in 1997, this is a huge milestone considering she’s got two heads.

Janus was born in Geneva, Switzerland at the Museum of Natural History. She soon became quite popular and rose to prominence as one of the museum’s main attractions. Janus has even become the museum’s mascot.

Janus has exceeded expectations in life since many animals who are born with two heads normally don’t make it past a young age. But, somehow Janus has managed to make it this far – it certainly deserves a celebration.

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Hopefully, she will get a big birthday bash with plenty of attention and treats because Janus deserves it!

Happy early birthday, Janus!

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