Two Brothers Team Up to Rescue Cats from Trees

Having your cat run away is a common fear of pet owners. According to, Judy Chapman was distraught when her 18-year-old cat went missing. She recently lost her husband and his cat in 2007 and didn’t want to be left without another one of her loved ones.

For three days, Chapman kept looking for her cat and calling out for it by its name, Coffee. She then heard a distinct meow coming from a tree, and searched the Internet to find someone who wouldretrieve the animal. This is when she found Canopy Cat Rescue, led by two brothers, Shaun Sears and Tom Otto.

“We didn’t realize there were so many cats that get stuck in trees,” Otto told the source. “You think occasionally, here and there, but it’s sometimes three calls a day.”

Rescuing cats from trees isn’t the full-time work of these two men, Sears is a mountain guide, andboth are wildlife photographers. They use a contraption called the Big Shotto get to the top of the tree, then climb over to the animal to safely carry it down.

These cat tree rescuers serve Tacoma, Seattle and Olympia in Washington. They will help retrieve your catfree of charge.However, they do take donations to help cover expenses.

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