Two Beagles Welcome Their Soldier Home!

When a soldier deploys on a tour of duty overseas, their family, friends and loved ones miss them. That includes their loved ones on four legs! Members of the Armed Forces often have to leave behind loved and cherished pets when they deploy with the military or when they are away on training. Those pets miss their military owners just as much as the owners miss them.

In the video below one soldier returns home from deployment to find his two beagles have been missing him. In fact, it’s pretty clear from their behavior that they missed him a lot!

It is always heartwarming to see a service member return home after being gone on deployment or training, and especially touching when they are greeting with the love and affection that shows how much they have been missed. Watching this homecoming will definitely put a big smile on your face!

Wagging tails and a million puppy kisses! It’s clear that these two missed their military dad!

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