People Are Sharing Pictures Of Pet ‘Co-Workers’ As They Work From Home

All around the world, the coronavirus pandemic has many of us working from the comfort of our homes.

Personally, I am used to working from home since I’m a writer, but there are plenty of other people who are finding it very difficult to be in the confines of their homes. However, there is one perk that everyone can agree on: getting to stay at home with your pets. There is no doubt that our pets are definitely the winners in this scenario, as they just love having us home.

Given this good news for animals, New York-based Rae Paoletta started the trending Twitter thread that calls for people to share pictures of their “co-workers,” also known formally as “pets.”

Rae said, “For a story: I am putting together a roundup of pets keeping their humans company as folks work from home. Send me pics of your ‘co-workers’ — I think we could all use some cute pet pics rn.”

And Twitter didn’t fail to provide what she asked, with thousands of people responding with photos of their adorable colleagues.

So, if the coronavirus pandemic has been getting you down, here are some tweets that will hopefully help perk you up:

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I hope these helped make your self-isolation a little less boring. If you have a pet at home, consider yourself lucky as they make the best company ever. And if you don’t have a pet, consider fostering if you can – shelters can use the help during this time!

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