When This Koala Mama Gave Birth, Her Rescuers Had No Idea What An Amazing Surprise It Would Be

Imagine the incredible feeling you would get saving a koala that was desperately in need. Well, these rescuers did! And guess what happened next!!! She surprised them with the greatest gift of all: TWINS!

Giving birth to twin koalas is extraordinarily rare so just imagine how excited everyone was! Knowing that all three are now out of danger is the best feeling of all. The rescuers are keeping a close eye on mama and her babies. New life is such a miracle and seeing it unfold like this… IS INCREDIBLE!

Koala Fun Facts:

These delightful, gentle creatures thrive in areas that have tall trees and lots of leaves to eat. In fact, when they’re not asleep, they are busy eating. Koalas are nocturnal and spend their days hiding out in trees above, tucked in tight to branches to keep safe and well shaded. They’re sedentary so they do not require diverse nutrition. Koalas are marsupials. In Aborigine language, “koala” means ‘no water.’ They are like the cacti of the animal kingdom, but can become dehydrated in very high temperatures.

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