Firefighters Save Turtles From Fire Using Tiny Oxygen Masks

Being a firefighter means being prepared for all sorts of scenarios. Luckily for several turtles and tortoises, this meant they were in good hands when firefighters responded to a house fire. The first responders were fortunate enough to come equipped for what they were about to find.

There was a shed in Medina, Ohio which caught fire. Its residents, several turtles and tortoises, were trapped inside. The Medina Fire Department was the one to respond to the emergency, and firefighters rushed to the scene to try and save as many of the reptiles as they could.

Unfortunately, not all of the turtles and tortoises were able to be saved from the fire – which was believed to have been a result of a faulty heating unit.

Photo: Facebook /Medina Fire Dept
Photo: Facebook /Medina Fire Dept

But the lucky reptiles who were retrieved from the blaze needed immediate attention, which means that the turtles required oxygen masks.

Photo: Facebook /Medina Fire Dept
Photo: Facebook /Medina Fire Dept

Thankfully, the fire department showed up equipped with tiny oxygen masks which they fitted over the turtles and tortoises’ heads. These masks come specifically designed for firefighters to use on small animals.

The fire department posted about the rescue on their social media page.

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