Watch This Turtle Do Something Amazing When He Needs Help

It saddens me that any animal has to suffer, but isn’t great when a human is nearby to help? Thankfully for this sea turtle, he knew exactly what he needed to do to be freed from a fishing net, and he did it perfectly!

Can you imagine being in a kayak when suddenly a sea turtle begins to swim along with you, obviously distressed? I can’t!

Well, thankfully for this turtle, these humans came prepared! This patient, animal loving man carefully cut the fishing net away from the turtle… but before releasing him, he did something so darn cute… I just had to “Awwww!”

Source: YouTube/The Dodo
Source: YouTube/The Dodo

Of course, we do not recommend doing something like this unless there is no other choice or you are trained to do it. But in this case, I think they saved the turtle’s life! And each life is so precious and worth saving. Don’t you agree? Me too.

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